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Ajaie Alaie originally spelled //Ajai Alai// is a sanskrit mantra for being in your power– It means invincible and indestructible. They focus on the  seven chakras on our bodies to bring the power in you. Chakras are the energy points from which emotions and thoughts generate and they think its very important to give them attention and awareness. By being aware of your chakras you are routinely practicing to love more, to be more confident, to be stronger, to be grounded, open minded to ideas and others and so on.. So they decided that because they are only human sometimes you tend to forget this small but big significant things and for that reason they concluded it was only fair to include something tangible in the garment that at any time it would bring them back to that energy creating point and remind us to practice it. On each garment there is a design detail centered on one chakra and behind it there is a hidden small magnet. No one can see it but you can feel it and be reminded of that you are not only wearing a beautiful dress but you are wearing intentions. Upon feeling the magnet you will be brought back to existence, to the present and hence to love, care, be more open-minded, confident, and all the good things we want to be- and need to be for the good of mankind. They source our textiles from India. The designer travels twice a year to India to source her textiles from all over. She centers her attention in the imperfect, different and unconventional textiles, which are often handloomed textiles or textiles that are simply manufactured in rural areas. The idea behind this is to support local communities to keep those looms going, and not mention the fun in finding textiles at random and creating! Everyone wins. The inspiration is born with everyday life, women’ s comfort, femininity, and subtlety. Then it’s connected to the garment with intentions. It all really begins with the textiles and then it travels down to how the intention is placed on each garment. The inspiration is driven by folds, knots, gathers and dart manipulations to make the garment specific to a chakra. The silhouettes are often influenced by different cultures and brought to life with comfort and versatility. They want to make sure you can wear intentions any day, anytime, and forever.