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Founder & Designer Julie Thevenot launched her line in 2008, starting with hand-printing and dye-testing in her custom-built silkscreen studio. This self-taught fashion designer received her MFA from the National Superior School of Decorative arts of Paris and Julie Thevenot profile4integrates this artistic training into her working process. In order to establish her own space in the creative world, she chooses not to adopt the habits of some archetypal fashion designers. Thevenot left Paris for New York City, feeling a kinship with her new environment, in its « always-on » functionality and supportive, albeit competitive, energy. Not limiting herself to the medium of fashion, Thevenot intends to expand her creativity to different media, such as accessories, print editions, wall displays, and artistic setup for events and collaborations with musicians.

The prints or shapes are wholly reflective of the free-spirited and spontaneous qualities of discovery. Their aesthetic is the result of experiments & research in large-format cutting and folding techniques, developing an unexpected symmetry. The reworked shapesbecome singular and visually challenging, synthesizing primitive icdalmatianrockonography with ultra contemporary/cosmic ideation. Production of the prints/ objects is done by hand, and is conceived by pairing quality, natural materials with unique, technical processes. Julie Thevenot opens herself to boundless sources of inspiration maintaining a jubilant, playful avant garde, and distinctive sensibility.

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