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LUMO Jewelry

Lucia Mouet is the designer and metal-smith behind LUMO. She started her career making small charms with soft wax and turning them into solid silver. Making jewelry caught her eye and she chose to spend time studying the art. She wanted to dedicate her talents to lumo-profile-imagemetalworking — soldering, sawing, polishing, and the overall design and creation of unique pieces. She launched her jewelry line in the fall of 2012, and quickly attracted the attention of several designers and members of the fashion industry. At the end of 2013, Lucia began the line of 14k solid gold pieces, which ended up being her passion. “Working with pure gold is easier to work that with any type of metal. The designs look beautiful and have great aesthetics. And, really, who doesn’t love gold?”. Lucia seeks beauty and inspiration in the simplest shapes; creating pieces for everyday use. Every piece is made by hand by the designer, creating one-of-akind and unique pieces in her studio in San Diego, California.

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