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The brand was founded in 2009 by artists Carla Venticinque-Osborn and Aaron Osborn as a community development project with a focus on the handmade, the sustainable, vertical production, and eco-friendly materials, all making sure that the beautiful hand of the artisan is felt within our products. Originally starting with one cobbler and 2 sewers in Guatemala, the team eventually grew to 30 employees in the workshop making really fun colorful shoes, most using custom weaves produced by weaving masters close to our production.

Thoughout the years, the brand has continued to evolve, creating small collections throughout the year, with updated shapes, colorways and selections. It has steadily grown a loyal clientele seeking a unique fashion statement: a shoe that serves as a testament to craft, sustainability, and style.

Design Ethos:  Based in Brooklyn, the award-winning team (GenArt 2011, DENYC 2013) works collaboratively with artisan weaving cooperatives to create original textiles for use in the shoes. Production of their products are closely monitored to ensure that each pair made is a testament to their ethos of fair trade production and eco-friendly materials.

“We are a husband and wife team, with backgrounds in community development, fine art and design. This footwear project & brand embodies the spirit of high craft, a handmade product that tells it’s own story with vibrant pauses and exclamation points. We work with artisan communities around the world to develop custom Osborn textiles and to make rad shoes.

We seek to constantly uplift, share in beauty, and produce work within a global community of fair trade creative networks. There are not that many shoe brands out there with this concentration – and we are proud to be innovators within the field”