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Designer, Catherine Alexander, has always had a passion for merging the creative with the functional.  A Washington DC native, Alexander came to New York as a student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Following school, she spent years producing indie movies and television shows, but gradually realized that her love of design was too powerful to overlook. From there, her journey to find her niche began. She followed her heart into the world of fashion photography and, through prop styling, discovered an innate love for creating with her hands. After experimenting with a wide spectrum of mediums, Catherine found her true calling in metals and stones, and so, STANMORE was born.

Stanmore Nyc

Every piece is made by hand using waxwork, metalwork, silversmithing and in some cases, 3D CAD design. All of the metal casting and production is done in New York City but all other materials are sourced from all over the world.
STANMORE’s design aesthetic aims to walk the line between statement pieces and everyday wear. Inspired by geometric shapes and keen angles, all of the collections have an air of classic simplicity with a dynamic twist. Catherine’s design philosophy follows three general ideas: that unembellished design is timeless, that the materials used are the stars of each piece, and that classic beauty is most inspired by the designs of the natural world around us. Her goal is to design pieces that are pulled out of jewelry boxes for years to come yet translate perfectly to what is happening now

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