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LAB by Laura Busony

LAB by Laura Busony is a jewelry-based art brand formed in Brooklyn, New York, by Laura Busony in 2012. Through our interests in metaphysics, history, and the subconscious mind, we create designs that are “equal parts mystical and playful” ( appreciate the ceremony and variety that comes with consciously choosing to present oneself in waking life through through material, symbol, and demeanor. We work to enhance those rituals through our process and ideas.
Lab by Laura Busony
One major tenant governs our process: that each and every object in the universe is charged with energy from its creator. Thus we infuse our products with a sense of positivity, empowerment, community, and the desire to enhance personal rituals.

Those who seek wandering minds and nurtured souls may find that intuition plays a key role in valuing ones otherworldly visions. Our brand exists for those who trust their own deities and motivations– no matter where they might take them.

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