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Kylie Nakao has held a life long love and appreciation for adornment. Jewelry is a particular passion, as much for its ability to communicate emotional resonance for the owner as for its indelible statement to the sensibility of the wearer.
At New York’s prestigious Parsons The New School of Design, Kylie honed her knowledge of elevated design and her skill in articulating her aesthetic through different mediums. Yet, it was not until she became chief buyer for a trendy upscale NYC boutique did the idea of merging skill and experience begin to take shape into what would become her first and signature collection.
Upon reviewing the collections of hundreds of jewelry vendors every season, Kylie saw the lack of cool, sophisticated, real jewelry that could be easily incorporated with signature pieces at an accessible price point. Deciding to develop a sample line of rings she wished for, her sample prototypes were bought directly off of her fingers, with immediate orders for more, and the Tarin Thomas Collection was born.
Creatively inspired by the city she calls home, Kylie lives on NYC’s Lower East Side, and works at her studio close by. She now devotes her full creative resources to TT, and to the art of adorning others with new tales to tell.