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As a child in Miami, Florida, jewelry designer Winifred Grace Gundeck spent her days exploring the nature that surrounded her – finding beauty in the movement of rustling palm fronds, the reflection of light off water and the patterns of sand and shells.

At the age of 8, while other kids were selling lemonade, Winifred started making hand-painted barrettes and selling them to a local boutique. Garnering rave reviews, she moved on to hair combs adorned with exotic silk flowers, feathers, ribbons and beads, which her mother proudly wore to all of South Miami’s most stylish parties.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Spanish, Gundeck followed the pull of her artistic strings and continued on to a graduate degree in Graphic Design. She quickly realized how much she missed the tactile experience of designing accessories, and with that her eponymous jewelry line Winifred Grace was born in 2003.

From her Chicago-based studio, Winifred creates jewelry inspired by visually rich textures and patterns found in everything from nature to indigenous art, tapestries and adornments. Each season, she interprets the feminine mystique of natural wonders, but with a subtle edge that adds a bit of reality to the fantasy.

In 2007 Winifred was chosen as one of Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion as well as The Fashion Group International’s Rising Star. Today, Winifred Grace can be found in the finest luxury boutiques around the United States.

Winifred resides in Chicago with her husband Benjamin, son Alexander, and dog Guffman.

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